Install the Resin Tray

Ember’s resin tray contains the resin used to print. It must be properly installed on Ember’s rotating plate to print successfully. Three tabs lock the tray in place, keeping it stationary during the printing process. The tray is made up of the following four components:



  1. RESIN TRAY - The resin tray is made from amber polycarbonate. The amber color blocks blue light and prevents the resin in the tray from curing due to ambient exposure.
  2. PDMS WINDOW - This is where each layer of the print is formed. PDMS stands for Polydimethyl-siloxane, and is a member of the silicone family.
  3. GLASS WINDOW - The glass window provides rigidity to the adhered PDMS window assembly.
  4. GASKET - The adhesive gasket is used to create a watertight seal between the glass window and the resin tray. 


CAUTION Filling the resin tray above the maximum line can result in damage to your printer.

Before opening the resin bottle, be sure to read the MSDS and all related safety information.  



Be careful not to touch the glass on the underside of the resin window. This is part of the optical path that must be kept clean, to assure optimal light transmission onto the build plate.

If there are any smudges or particles stuck to the glass, wipe them off with microfiber cloth that is lightly soaked in IPA before printing.


Locate the three tabs on the bottom of the resin tray.  


Align the tabs on the tray with the corresponding slots on the rotation plate. Seat the tabs into the slots. 


Push down gently and slide the tray forward, locking the tabs in place. The front tab should be flush with the rim of the rotation plate.


Gently pull the resin tray upward to confirm that it’s securely locked in place. [If you are able to lift it upward, then it has not been properly installed.] 




Whenever handling resin, always wear protective gloves and clothing, as well as safety glasses.


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