Pair Ember with

Once Ember is powered on and connected to the internet, you can pair it with your account on


If you don’t already have an account on, visit the site before proceeding to the next step, and follow the prompts to set up your account.


Once Ember is connected to the internet, the control panel will display a confirmation message and unique 6 character code.

Make note of the code, which you will need for the following step.


Follow this link to - Log in with your username and password or create an account.


At the bottom of the Printers page, find the section called “Add New Printer +.” Enter your pairing code in the field labeled “Printer Code (ABCDEF).” Also, enter a name for your printer in the “Printer Nickname” field. Then click the blue button labeled “+ Add Printer.” A green dialogue will appear in the upper right hand corner, saying “Printer successfully registered!”

The entire pairing process is shown here:

You must enter a name for your printer. If you allow multiple people to use your printer, whatever name you assign will apply for everyone. 


If you do not see the 6-character pairing code on Ember’s control panel, first, confirm that Ember has been successfully connected to the internet. Ember will only display a pairing code after it has successfully connected.  

If Ember is connected to the internet, follow the steps in this Instructable to reset your printer and restart the pairing and naming process.



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