Combine Models

The Combine Models function enables you to generate supports for multiple models and print them all at once on Ember.


In order to print multiple models at once, you must combine them prior to export. If you do not combine them, Meshmixer will export them as individual .STL’s, which you will not be able to print simultaneously.


In the Object Browser,  SHIFT + click to select all the models that you want to combine.


A dialog box with the Combine command will automatically appear when multiple objects are selected. [If it does not appear, click Edit > Combine on the left sidebar.]

Click Combine to apply the action.

Once combined, the Object Browser will display the models as a single file. One of the models will change color.


The Combine tool icon only appears when you have multiple models selected. If you don’t see Combine in the Edit menu, confirm that you have multiple models selected.


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