Print prep checklist

Before running each print on Ember, first be sure to confirm that the following preparations have been made:  

  1. The resin tray is properly anchored in place - All three of its locking tabs must be engaged on the tray's platform.
  2. The resin tray is filled with the proper amount of resin - Between the "Max" and "Min" marks on the resin tray.
  3. The resin tray's window is clear of any cured resin stuck to its surface. Feel the window with a gloved finger. It should feel smooth on its entire surface.
  4. The resin in the tray is clear of floating cured debris - Use a fine mesh paint strainer to filter out any cured debris.
  5. The build head is properly secured in place - The kinematic coupling needs to be properly engaged.
  6. The build plate is clear of cured parts - Feel the plate with your gloved finger. It should feel completely smooth. 
  7. The build head is properly calibrated - If in doubt, re-calibrate.

When all of the above are true, you're ready to roll! Hit the "Start" button on Ember's control panel to start the print. 


Neglecting any of these preparations before running a print can cause damage to your printer. 


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