Print History Using

This article will walk you through how to use the Print History function on

Step 1: What does Print History do?

The Print History is an archive of your print jobs.

Through the Print History you can see all the job attempted on your account and all the jobs sent to your shared printers.

You can filter by printer and by job started on your account (check the "Made by Me" box).


Step 2: Print Job details

If you click on the details link you can see a snapshot of the print settings and the status of the job.


Job Status Definition


A STL was uploaded but not sliced


A slicer error was encountered


Slicing in progress but not complete


The print job was successfully sliced


The print job was sent to the printer


The print job was completed by the printer


The print job was cancelled 


A printer error was encountered  


A STL was imported from 123D or Thingiverse


Step 3: Print Again

If you click the "Print Again" link you can re-print the job with the same settings without having to re-upload and re-slice the model.

Note: You can only reprint print jobs that were uploaded on your account (those displayed when you check the "Made by Me" box) 


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