How To Add Resin

This article describes how to properly add resin to the resin tray, as well as how to store resin when not printing. 

Resin should only be in the tray for the duration of the printing time. When the print is complete, the resin should be poured out of the tray. This will help to extend the life of your resin tray, and will reduce the change of damage to your printer as a result of resin leaking from a damaged tray into Ember's interior. 



Never store trays full of resin in Ember's build chamber when Ember is not in use.  

Before removing the resin tray, remember to always remove the build head, to prevent resin from dripping from the build head onto the window of the projector.


The process of adding resin is shown below:  

 Fill to the Max line of 100ml. 

WARNING When handling resin wear, nitrile gloves, protective clothing (e.g., an apron or lab coat), and eye protection.


  1. Put on safety glasses and nitrile gloves
  2. Gently shake resin before use
  3. Slowly pour into resin tray
  4. Fill up to Max line of 100ml
  5. Make sure that the resin is filled above the Min line of 50ml


CAUTION Filling the resin tray above the maximum line may cause damage to your printer due to resin overflowing from the tray into Ember's interior.


When your print is complete, remove the build head, remove the resin tray from Ember, drain it into a resin storage bottle and store it away from exposure to light. If there are particulates in the resin (e.g., resin shards from a failed print), be sure to use a fine mesh paint strainer to remove them before storing your resin for reuse. [We use this one in our lab.]


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