The supports printed but nothing else, what should I do?

If supports have printed but not the actual part, this means that there has been a failure of the interface between the support and part.

This could be for two reasons:

  1. Insufficient supports - not enough supports in place to adequately support the part
  2. Support tip diameter too small - not enough strength at the support-part interface

If you're not familiar with the Meshmixer support terminology you should read this article before continuing. 

Insufficient supports

To increase the number of supports in Meshmixer you can change the following parameters. 

  1. Angle Threshold - as you increase the value steeper overhangs will be supported
  2. Density - the larger the value the more support contact points per surface area

Support tip diameter too small

To increase the support tip diameter change the following setting

  1. Tip diameter - the larger the value the bigger the contact point between the tip of the support and the model


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