How to create your own image stack and manually upload it

Here’s the basic workflow for users who want to create their own image stack and load it using the printer’s local web page:

Step 1:

The slice images must be 1280x800 PNGs, named slice_1.png through slice_N.png, where N is the total number of slices.

Step 2:

The printsettings file must contain at a minimum  the following text (which will result in no changes to the current settings): {"Settings":{}} To use settings specific to the print, start with a printsettings file created by the portal and edit it as needed.  Be careful not to add or remove decimal points or quotes.

Step 3:

Archive the printsettings and slice images in a tar.gz file that contains no other files or folders...

On a Mac, use GNU tar (which can be installed on OS X with homebrew, with this syntax:

gtar czf myFile.tar.gz -C myFolder .

where myFolder is the folder that contains the slices and printsettings, and myFile is the desired name of the archive.

On a PC, use 7-Zip ( to first add the slices and printsettings to an archive using tar format, then archive the resulting .tar file using gzip format.

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