How to fine-tune the dimensional accuracy of Ember prints

The following procedure will enable you to fine-tune the dimensional accuracy of Ember prints: 

  1. Print a model with known horizontal dimensions to use as calibration geometry.
  2. Measure the horizontal dimension in your printed part (we recommend using precision calipers for this).
  3. Calculate the Image Scale Factor. To do this, divide the designed dimension by the measured printed dimension.  For example, if the part was designed to be 50 mm long, but the printed part was only 49.7 mm, then the Image Scale Factor would be 50/49.7 = 1.0060362.
  4. Go to > Printers. Click Printer Settings for the printer you wish to calibrate. Enter the Image Scale Factor (calculated in the previous step), and then click Save.
  5. Ember will then re-scale the slice images by that scale factor on all subsequent prints.


  • This process requires Ember firmware version 2.2 or later. Hold down the left button on your printer to see the firmware version. If nothing happens, or if it shows a version earlier than 3.1, head over here to learn how to upgrade.
  • This calibration applies only to the X & Y dimensions; it has no effect on dimensional accuracy in the Z direction.
  • If you need to follow this procedure again, begin by setting Image Scale Factor back to 1 before printing the test/calibration geometry.

Click here to download a 65 mm calibration model to use for this process (although you may get the best results using a model that's more typical of your actual prints). 

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