Model detached from its supports while printing


The supports print perfectly, but at some point during the printing process, the model detaches from the supports and falls into the resin tray, leaving the supports attached to the build head at the end of the print job. Also, there's likely debris from the failed part of the print, which appears as a chunk of cured resin stuck to the PDMS of the resin tray, or as cured bits of resin floating in the resin (or both).


The contacts between the supports and your model were too small to resist the shearing forces in the printing process. 

In Print Studio, increase the contact tip radius of your supports (for more info, refer to Print Studio Help).


Before running your next print, first you must clean up the mess from the failed print, or your next print will also likely fail. Clean the resin window and clean the resin in your tray. Here are instructions for how to do this. 

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