How can I learn how to use Ember?

Here's a collection of resources that will help you learn everything you need to know about Ember, including the hardware, software, and overall 3D printing workflow.

If you've just bought an Ember, and you're awaiting its arrival, a great place to start is to read Preparing for the Arrival of Ember. Once you've read this, then check out the following resources. 

Ember's Support CenterThis is the master repository of resources to learn how to use Ember, including: Use this website to connect to and monitor your Ember over the web, modify your printer settings, and more (requires a general Autodesk account - follow the prompts when you visit the site).

Print Studio: Use this software to prepare your models for printing and for printing to Ember (requires a free Autodesk Developer account).

Ember's Open Source Resources

If you're stuck and need help, you can always file a support ticket here. We'll respond you as soon as possible.

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