Resin Tray Jams While Printing


During the printing process, the resin tray jams while in exposure mode, and is unable to perform its usual rotation motion. When this happens, Ember makes a grating sound, and the control panel displays that the resin tray has jammed. When Ember detects this problem, it will attempt to autocorrect. This will be indicated on the control panel. 


The cross-sectional area of your print is so large that the adhesive force of the print to the PDMS exceeds the torque of the motor that drives the rotation plate.    

Reduce the cross-sectional area of your model by using a Lattice Infill tool (requires a Spark Developer login). Alternatively, you can use the lattice infill generator in Autodesk Memento.

You may also solve this problem by reducing the overall size of your print.

If you need additional help with this issue, submit a support ticket.

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