Print has gaps, holes, or sections of missing geometry


You print completed, but there are gaps, holes, or sections of missing geometry in it.

Inadequate supports for overhangs and cantilevered areas prevented the model from being able to successfully build in those parts. Use Print Studio to add more supports to your model, and then reslice and reprint. 
Fingerprints, resin drips, or other obstructions in the optical path blocked the light of the projector from being able to build a section of the model. Use a lens cloth to carefully clean the glass of the resin tray and/or the glass above the projector. Be sure not to touch the glass, or allow particles to collect on the optical path.
The PDMS of your resin tray may be wearing out. This reduces the amount of light that can transmit through it onto the build plate. This often appears as visible clouding of the PDMS. In the Print Settings, compensate for the decreased light transmission by increasing the exposure time for the model layers. If the PDMS degradation is extreme, this means that your resin tray has reached the end of its useable life, and needs to be replaced with a new one. [You can buy new resin trays here.]


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