Send the Job To Ember

To load the print job to Ember, you have four options: 

  1. Send the print data directly to Ember using Print Studio
  2. Save the print data to your computer, then send it to Ember via a USB cable
  3. Save the print data to a USB thumb drive, then plug the drive into Ember
  4. Load the print data using


1. Send the print data to Ember using Print Studio:

With the job sliced, you're ready to send the job to Ember. Click Print to send the job to your selected printer.

If you don't have a printer connected, you can export a job file to be printed later by clicking Export Printer File.

When the job has been processed for printing, it will be sent to the printer and Printer Manager will be opened in your browser so you can monitor the print.

If the process is successful, Ember's control panel will display a message saying that your print job is loaded and ready to print. Press the Start button on Ember to begin the print. 


2. Send the print data to Ember via the USB web interface

The USB web interface is useful because it doesn't require internet access, nor does it require connecting Print Studio to Ember. All you need is a mini-USB cable, your computer, and Ember.

1. At the Preview step in Print Studio, with PREVIEW SLICES selected, click Export Printer File and save the file to your computer. (If a popup window appears when saving, click Use .tar.gz.)

2. Plug in a USB cable from your computer to Ember.

3. Go to in a web browser.

4. Click Load print file.

5. Click Choose File, navigate to the printer file you exported, and click Open.

6. Click Load to load the file into the printer.


3. Download & load the print data using a USB thumb drive

To download print data and then load it to Ember using a USB thumb drive, follow these instructions: 

1. At the Preview step, with PREVIEW SLICES selected, click Export Printer File. [If a popup window appears when saving, click Use .tar.gz.] Download the file to your computer.  

2. Insert a USB thumb drive, stick, or bus-powered drive into your computer, and create a folder called EmberUSB at the top level of the drive (it must be spelled exactly as shown, with no spaces in the filename).

3. Load the file downloaded in Step 2 into the EmberUSB folder on the USB thumb drive (this file must have a .tar.gz or .zip extension in order to work). 

4. Plug the thumb drive into Ember's front panel, on the lower left side.

5. When the control panel asks if you want to load the file, press the Yes button.

6. Wait until the file has finished loading before removing the drive.

Troubleshooting: If you get a message at Step 5 saying that print data could not be found, make sure your drive contains a folder called EmberUSB at its top level, and that this folder contains one (and only one) .tar.gz or .zip file.


4. Load the print data using

Here are the instructions for how to use to load print data. 


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