How to upgrade Ember's projector to support the use of Pattern Mode

What's Pattern Mode?

Pattern Mode describes an alternate way for Ember's projector to operate, relative to its default mode. By default, the projector is set in Video Mode. This entails applying low-pass filters to the projected slices as it resamples the image to accommodate the 45° orientation of the mirrors in its DMD (Digital Micromirror Device). In contrast, Pattern Mode does not involve this process, which results in the ability to print parts with finer detail. 

The difference between parts printed in each mode is shown below:

Upgrade Requirements: 

  1. Your Ember model number must be > 0001. To check this, look on the back left of your Ember, on the large label that says "SPARK POWERED."  If it says "Model No.: 001-EMBR-0001", then it will not be upgradeable in this way.  Please submit a support ticket for guidance about how your Ember could be modified to support this upgrade.
  2. Your Ember must be running firmware version 3.1 or later.
  3. Your Ember must remain powered up throughout the entire projector upgrade process. If it loses power during this process, your printer will likely become inoperable and will need to be returned to be fixed.

Upgrade Process: 

  1. When Ember is showing its "Ready…" screen, press and hold the left button on the front panel for 5 seconds, and release it to display the version screen.
  2. If the projector is not already upgraded (and firmware v. 3.1 or later is installed), the left button will be labeled "Upgrade projector".  Press that button.
  3. You will then be warned about keeping the projector powered up, and can cancel out of this process by pressing the left button.  To continue with the upgrade, press the right button.
  4. The front panel will then indicate that the upgrade is in progress, lighting up more LEDs to indicate how far it's progressed.  The entire upgrade process takes about 3.5 minutes.  
  5. When the front panel says "Projector upgrade complete! Cycle power…", unplug Ember's power and plug it back in.

Final Note:

Your Ember is now ready to print files that require the use of Pattern Mode.  Any old files, or new files that don't specify Pattern Mode (by declaring "UsePatternMode" in the print settings file) will continue to be printed in Video Mode, just as they were before the projector upgrade.

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