List of Ember Commands

When you're accessing Ember via SSH, it's good to know what the firmware is capable of. This article contains a list of all the smith commands, as well as a few general ones. Smith is Ember's printer control application, and it controls both the projector and the motors that move Ember's linear drive and tray.


Syntax: echo [command] > /tmp/CommandPipe

Example: echo test > /tmp/CommandPipe (projects a test pattern)


 Command        Function   
 Start  Start a print
 Cancel  Cancel the current print in progress
 Pause  Pause the current print in progress
 Resume  Resume the paused print in progress
 Reset  Perform a soft reset of the printer
 ShowPrintDataDownloading       Show the "Downloading..." screen
 ShowPrintDownloadFailed  Show the "Download failed" screen
 StartPrintDataLoad  Verify we can accept print data and show the "Loading..." screen
 ProcessPrintData  Load print data and settings from print file
 ShowPrintDataLoaded  Show the data loaded screen (for use when just loading settings)
 Refresh  Reload the settings from the settings file (after it's been changed)
 ApplySettings  Apply print and printer settings from a file
 Test  Show a test pattern
 PrimaryRegistrationSucceeded      Indicate that the printer is registered
 ShowPrimaryRegistrationCode  Indicate that the printer is registered
 StartCalibration  Start the calibration procedure
 ShowWiFiConnecting  Show the WiFi connecting screen
 ShowWiFiConnectionFailed  Show the WiFi connection failed screen
 ShowWiFiConnected  Show the WiFi connected screen
 Dismiss  Dismiss the current screen, if it can be dismissed
 Button1  Simulate pressing left button on front panel
 Button2  Simulate pressing right button on front panel 
 Button1Hold  Simulate holding left button on front panel
 Button2Hold  Simulate holding right button on front panel
 Buttons1and2  Simulate pressing both buttons on front panel
 Buttons1and2Hold  Simulate holding both buttons on front panel 
 ShowWhite  Turn the projector full on
 ShowBlack  Turn the projector full off
 Exit  Exit smith (not recommended unless you know how to restart it) 


The commands below are not smith commands, so you simply type them by themselves -- no echo or anything else. And note that they are all lowercase -- if you use uppercase letters, the command won't be recognized.

 Command        Function   
 showcal  Show a test pattern
 tail -f /var/log/syslog                Show the Ember log
 nano /var/smith/config/settings     Edit the printer settings file (do an echo refresh afterward) 
 zee  Access Ember's motor interface

Enjoy using Ember via the command line!

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